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Vauxhall Astra is a good alternative to the family hatch mainstays

Traditionally, when you thought of top quality hatchbacks your first thought would have justifiably taken you straight to the VW Golf and Ford Focus. However, that is just no longer the case with rivals, like the Vauxhall Astra, hitting top gear and driving out of the rear view mirror to become a classy alternative with plenty to offer. Here’s why you should consider a used Vauxhall Astra for sale instead of one of its oldest adversaries in the family hatch market:


  • Styling – Neither the Focus or the Golf can live with the looks of the Astra; it’s sharp front end lines and sculpted rear make it the most desirable car in the class
  • Quality – The Astra really excels with quality being one of its main selling points. The driving console is a great place to be with comfortable seats and  chrome finish on many of the console’s dials which adds a touch of quality with all the feel of the higher priced Vauxhall Insignia
  • Practicality – The room in the back of the car is extremely impressive for a hatchback with good legroom and the ability to fit your feet under the seat in front. The boot space is average, but helped by a flexible floor to choose the amount of space your require
  • Performance – It’s no slouch either with the ability to get you from 0-60MPH in nine seconds. Moreover, you won’t be lacking in power with any of the engines available with even the smaller ones being turbocharged
  • Ride and Handling – There is none better in the class for being composed on all surfaces and going around corners. It sticks to the road well and can smooth over any bumps you encounter on your journey with ease


If you are tired of the Golf and Focus options for your family then its time to eye up a used Vauxhall Astra for sale.




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How to decide which car you should buy

Deciding on your next car is a big decision as it can be one of the most expensive things you will shell out for in your lifetime. Even when shopping in the second hand car market it’s not cheap as the average used car still comes in at over five thousand pounds. When you are paying out so much cash for a second hand car there are certain things to consider before you even get to test drive the car, such as:


Doing your homework and research


The internet has made the search for suitable used cars easy. Say you are looking for a new motor in the Midlands then simply search for used cars Coventry and you’ll be instantly directed to a local used car dealership, like Country Car, in mere seconds. This gives you a quick way of understanding how much you will most likely need to spend to get your next dream car and make sure you don’t get stung by a bad deal.


Assess what you can afford


The upfront costs of buying a car are large, so you need to consider how much you can afford to pay out. You may have to look into borrowing money or financing a used car, so be sure to know your limits before embarking on negotiating any sort of deal.


Consider running costs


Obviously, the upfront costs of buying a second hand car are not the only expense. You have to ensure that your choice of car fits into your lifestyle and household budget. Remember that you have to pay for petrol, insurance and tax, so doing your sums in advance can make sure you don’t get a car that you cannot afford to run everyday.


The second hand car market is the perfect way to get back on the road affordably when buying off the peg is not an option. By doing your homework you can guarantee to bag a bargain not just in the short term, but over the car’s lifecycle as well.

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Why an Audi could be the car for you


Signified by four interlocking rings, Audi is already one of the top three established German car manufacturers. Their instantly recognisable branding adorning the front and back of every car is a hallmark of consummate quality. If the rings have caught your eye, then find a used Audi near you by simply searching Audi Bristol; and you’ll find local places selling the top quality used Audi cars. If you are still on the fence on whether an Audi is the right car for you or not then here are some reasons to pick one for your next car:


Something for everyone


Audi was not greatly imaginative when naming their posse of cars choosing simply a mixture of numbers and letters to signify their range, which is hardly inspiring. Don’t let this put you off though as they have something for every part of the market. The A1 is a quality city car and the A3 is the best premium hatchback in class; whereas the Audi TT is a consummate coupe. Further up the range the A4, A5 and A6 are supreme saloons and estates; while the Audi Q5 and Q7 are great SUVs.


Unrivalled German excellence


Audi’s slogan of “Vorsprung durch Technik” is roughly translated as “Advancement through Technology” which runs through all of their innovative motors. Add this to the fact that Germany is birthplace of some of the most advanced, reliable and well-built cars you will find and Audi cars start to make real financial sense.


High quality throughout


Sometimes only the best will do and this definitely should lead you in the direction of Audi. No car maker puts so much effort into maintaining high quality standards inside and out of their vehicles. Everything feels like it was especially sculpted to fit perfectly into place and you’ll get a buzz every time you step inside.


You won’t ever be disappointed when you buy a used Audi from specialist dealerships, like Carbase, no one does quality better than Audi.



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Why buy a premium hatchback?


When you think of the premier models of the best car makers then you comprehend large cars with humongous price tags. But, this is no longer the case with the rise of premium hatchbacks being all the rage amongst manufacturers, like Audi, BMW and Mercedes; who are normally associated with top quality saloons and estates. Here’s why you should join them and pick a premium hatchback as your next car:




One of the best aspects of the luxury car maker’s move into the hatchback sector is that you get the expert styling of larger cars squeezed into smaller bodywork. Often this makes the style look even better and more imposing than their more illustrious stable mates.




When you pay for a cheaper car you expect less quality than you would get further up the price bracket. But, premium hatchbacks are bucking this trend as they come fully equipped with the latest mod cons and quality that you would not expect at an affordable price. The refined finish in many of the top premium hatchbacks is as good as, and sometimes better than, the larger models.


Range of choice


As you’d expect, once one of the big car makers has entered the market the rest would follow and that is the case with premium hatchbacks. All the bigger brands have concocted a model, such as:


  • BMW 1 Series – The baby BMW looks great with the trademark double-grill, while offering huge amounts of space and comfort for a small car making even a used BMW 1 Series great value for money
  • Alpha Romeo Giulietta – As you’d imagine it looks unlike any other hatchback out there and when it strings it all together it is a fabulous drive too
  • Audi A3 – Audi were the first into the premium hatchback market and they remain one of the leading lights with a consummate all-rounder
  • Volvo V40 – If Volvo is going stylish you know that you are into the right market. The V40 is the Swedish carmaker’s tilt at the genre and it is not half bad


Discount premium hatchbacks at your peril; you won’t find refinement and quality cheaper in any other genre.

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Why a BMW 3 Series is a top executive saloon

If you are always on the road traipsing up and down the country for meetings you need specific things from your car. It must be capable of chewing up long distances with a minimum of fuss; while being comfortable and relaxing so you don’t arrive at your destination stressed. However, it should have power and good handling to burst up A-roads and keep you awake on the motorway. Aesthetically, it must be stylish and look the part to give a good impression to your customers.

The car of choice for this has always been an executive saloon. All of the biggest brands in the motoring industry have put their stamp in the market and competition is fierce. BMW has always been a big player with their class-leading BMW 3 Series model that seems to grow in strength year on year. But why does it remain the most popular executive saloon that money can buy? Let’s have a look:


Some detractors would say that the BMW 3 Series is conservative in terms of looks, but they just don’t understand what it represents. The style is understated elegance with a curvaceous body moving forward to a menacing double grill. Despite the looks not being the best thing about the BMW 3 Series traditionally, you are always assured of a consummate finish.


The BMW 3 Series never lacks in this department with the ability to propel you from 0-60 MPH in just six seconds. There is not a rival in the class that can live with the BMW in terms of performance, so you know whatever trouble confronts you on the motorway it won’t be a long time until it’s behind you.

Ride and Handling

Now we are getting to the area where the BMW 3 Series begins to bare its teeth. It has an astonishingly smooth ride with remarkable handling that will keep you smiling all the way through corners and those winding country roads. The 3 Series has composure and grip in spades.

Quality, Practicality and Interior

Like all BMWs the 3 Series is stuffed with boundary-pushing technology. Like the exterior, the interior is not ostentatious, but oozes quality throughout. In terms of practicality there is superior leg and head room to match any of its rivals.

All in all, the three series is an exceptional driving executive saloon that blows away any competitors and just keeps getting better.

If you are looking for an executive saloon then a used BMW 3 Series will not let you down.

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Why Vauxhall remains a family favourite

Vauxhall has been manufacturing cars since the turn of the twentieth century; churning out many quality vehicles making them a firm family favourite. But what makes their range of models so appealing to the British public, let’s see:

Small, but mighty

Vauxhall has been pulling up trees in the small car market for generations with the Corsa and Astra. The Vauxhall Corsa has been advertised as putting the fun back into driving and there is no doubting it is a good little number. The stylish Corsa is a good handling car in the corners with a good level of practicality for a super-mini. In the hatchback class Vauxhall offers up the ultra-dependable Astra. It has some tough company in class with the VW Golf and Ford Focus, but squares up to them in terms of looks, quality and practicality.

Mid-range motors

The fabulously named Insignia is Vauxhall’s executive option. Filled with mind-numbing technology the Insignia replaces the Vectra and brings the Vauxhall brand up to pace with the Ford Mondeo. Most importantly, the comfort is exceptional making it in the ideal long-distance cruiser; suited to being at high speed on the motorway.

Perfect performance

Once in a while Vauxhall allows the Australian cousins to go mad with their model range in the form of the VXR8; and strewth, don’t they do it well? Not many cars come close to the BMW M5, but for performance the VXR8 does; with the grunt to get you from 0-60 in five seconds. More to the point it’s still a practical four door saloon with a huge boot, so you don’t lose everything for the sporty nature.

If you want even more craziness for your money then you could jump aboard a Vauxhall Maloo. Another Aussie invention, this sporty pick-up is quite seriously bonkers. Built on saloon underbelly it will get you from 0-60 in less than five seconds which you won’t do in a pick up too often.

People carriers

Vauxhall has been trend setting in this arena with two models with bundles of practicality for transporting the family from A to B. The Zafira has become the UK’s go-to family car due to ability to fit a full five-aside football team in the back due to flexible seating. It doesn’t forget the person behind the wheel being a pretty good driving car for a people transporter. If you want even more luxury you can plump for the Tourer which has jazzed up the exterior and interior.

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Car Part Exchange versus Private Car Selling

Car Part Exchange versus Private Car Selling


When it comes to selling cars, there are usually two options to consider: part exchange or sell the car privately. Now the question is, should you part exchange your car or sell it privately? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both car selling options. This information can help you decide whether part exchange is better than selling cars privately or vice versa.


First, part exchanging your car is more like a car swap wherein you exchange your old car for another car and your payment for the new car is subtracted with the value of your old car. The best thing about this method is that you are spared of the hassle of selling your car privately such as promoting your car to buyers and of course, you get a new car for a lesser price. However, most dealers affix only a small value to your car so if you can sell your car for a high price privately, you usually get lesser when you part exchange it.


On the other hand, privately selling your old car refers to marketing it to your buyers. The best thing about this method is that there are no dealers to control how much your car is worth. You can set your own price for it and provided your car deserves the price you set, you can get good cash with it. But of course, to successfully sell your car, you would need effort especially when advertising and promoting your car to get it sold as well as fixing your old car so it would be appealing to buyers.


To sum up, if you are planning to get a new car for a lesser price, part-exchanging your car is a good option. But if you need cash, selling your old car privately may be the best option. So, should you part exchange your car or sell it privately? The answer depends on your needs as well as your car-selling purpose.

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